Karen Ewald Photo Artistry


Thank you for stopping by my site!

A little about myself–My name is Karen Ewald, and I am an Island girl through and through, I live in a small community on the north tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia going on 30 years now.  I have fallen madly in love  with our community, and the wildness of the north island.

My love for photography actually began about 15 years ago when I thought it would be a great idea to capture God’s creation, so I could paint His beauty onto my canvases (Oils being my preferred medium).   Since I live in a rainforest environment you couldn’t always count on the weather to hold while painting outdoors.  But what started out as a conveince, quickly catapulted into a passion that has just continued to grow over the years.   It’s a rare moment if you catch me at any event, or outdoor activity without a camera slung over my shoulder.  Now that I can mix my photography with the digital world and mixed media the possibilities are endless,  Wow! how amazing is life!

I’m an encourager who’s passionate, kind, funny and loving, yet at the same time serious and complex.  I love people and nature and consider it a huge privilege to live in this small northern community where everyone knows your name.

Each day I step out my door I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God. He provides me amazing opportunities to capture in photo His incredible creations.  Only he can take my breath away with the beauty of His handiwork (and by the way that also includes us!).   I’m surrounded by an ocean on one side and a mountain range on the other.  In-between is an abundance of lakes, trails and untouched beaches.  Not to mention an array of wildlife such as eagles, herons, bears, cougars, elk, deer, wolves, minks, racoons, sea lions, killer whales, hump back whales, and dolphins just to mention a few.

I never know what tomorrow will bring but today is a VERY GOOD DAY!